$XCAL Public Round

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Greetings Insurgent! This article will cover the details surrounding the $XCAL Public Round which will commence less than 24 hours from now.

$XCAL Public Round


Greetings Insurgent! This article will cover the details surrounding the $XCAL Public Round which will commence less than 24 hours from now.

You will read:

  • Key Details
  • How to participate
  • Further Details
  • FAQs

Key Details

When will it begin?

  • The XCAL Public Round will begin on Tuesday September 6th @ 18:00 UTC.

On what chain will it take place?

  • People will be able to participate in the round on both Ethereum Mainnet and Arbitrum One.

NB: The 3xcalibur Protocol will be deployed on Arbitrum. This means $XCAL tokens will be issued on Arbitrum and DCR claims will be facilitated on Arbitrum.

What is the token supply/allocation reserved for the XCAL Public Round?

  • 4,860,000 XCAL (18% of the total supply) have been reserved for the XCAL Public Round

What are the valuation metrics?

  • Round Allocation: 4,860,000 XCAL (18% of total supply)
  • Price per $XCAL token: $0.369
  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $9,963,000
  • Public Round Hard-Cap: $1.8M
  • Public Round Soft-Cap: $500,000
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 9,747,000 XCAL (36.1% of total supply, this includes dormant treasury tokens)
  • Circulating Market Cap: $3,596,643

Are there any minimum/maximum contribution amounts?

  • There is no minimum limit to how much a participant can contribute however there is a maximum limit.
  • Participants can choose to contribute up to $21,000 on each chain (Ethereum Mainnet & Arbitrum One), meaning that a participant can contribute up to $42,000 if they contribute on both chains.
  • The $42,000 limit includes DCR contributions that were not withdrawn (eg. if you deposited $41,000 in the DCR and did not withdraw - you may only contribute $1,000 in the public round)

Who can participate?

  • Any individual can participate, with exception of:
    - Multisigs and contract addresses
    - Citizens/residents of OFAC sanctioned countries
    - OFAC Sanctioned addresses
    - US residents/citizens
  • There is no early access and there is no whitelist

What currencies can you contribute with?

  • Participants can choose to contribute to the $XCAL Public Round using up to 5 cryptocurrencies
  • These cryptocurrencies are: $ETH, $FRAX, $DAI, $USDT and $USDC

When will the contributors receive their XCAL tokens?

  • Contributors will not be given XCAL tokens right away. Instead, they will mint an SBT (soul-bound token) which represents an agreement for the promise of future tokens, which is legally bound to the 3six9 Innovatio founder. Think of it like a community on-chain SAFT (simple agreement for future tokens).
  • Shortly after the XCAL Public Round begins:
    - The 3xcalibur Incentivized Testnet will go live
    - We will host a C4 Audit Contest with Code4rena
    - Peer review of contracts
    - We have also reached out to some audit firms
  • 3xcaliSwap will launch immediately after the audit process and XCAL tokens will be distributed.

How to Participate

  1. Visit https://round.3xcalibur.com
  2. When you land on the page, you will receive a disclaimer. Read it and check the box to continue.

3. Make sure you are connected to the network you wish to contribute from between Ethereum Mainnet and Arbitrum One.

Here is a guide on how to add Arbitrum to Metamask: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/how-to-add-arbitrum-to-metamask

4. Connect your wallet.

3. Once you have connected your wallet, scroll down the page and you will see the following.

4. Scroll down further and you will see this card. This card is where you may choose your contribution currency and execute the transactions and well as view metrics about the round. Choose an amount and asset and contribute.

5. Once the round begins - at the bottom of the card above you will see this. In order to participate, you will have to check the box to agree to the terms

Once you execute your transactions you have successfully contributed. In the case that you did not max out your permitted contribution amount, you will still be able to contribute more throughout the duration of the round.

Further Details

XCAL Token Metrics

One public round

  • Instead of hosting a “Discounted Community Round '' and then a Public Round as we had originally planned - we will only be hosting one public round prior to TGE/launch.

XCAL Total Supply

  • We have reduced the XCAL Total Supply from 100,000,000 XCAL Tokens to 27,000,000 XCAL Tokens in total.

Price of Public Round XCAL

  • The price of XCAL in the public round will be $0.369 per XCAL token.

Public Round Duration

  • The XCAL Public Round will conclude after 21 days unless the allocation is filled (i.e $1.8M raised).

Tokens Available for Public Round

  • 18% of the XCAL total supply will be available in the public round.
  • This is an increase from the 9% that were available in the DCR.
  • DCR contributors who do not withdraw will get the correct share of their tokens at the price of $0.369 not $0.50.

XCAL Fully Diluted Valuation

  • The modifications made to the XCAL Total Supply and the price of each XCAL token in the public round means that the XCAL FDV at TGE/launch will be $9,963,000.

Public Round Hard-Cap and Soft-Cap

  • We have reduced the raise hard-cap from $4.5M to $1.8M.
  • We have reduced the soft-cap from $1.5M to $500,000.


  • As we will now be hosting only one capital raise prior to launch, there will be no vesting terms included. All contributors will receive their XCAL tokens at TGE.


Discounted Community Round Airdrop Boost

  • As an expression of gratitude to all those who believed in the team and contributed to the DCR and did not withdraw - we will be airdropping additional XCAL tokens to all contributors.
  • 0.5% of the XCAL Total Supply has been reserved for this airdrop.
  • The airdrop will have no vesting.
  • The airdrop will be proportional to your contribution.

Arbitrum Ecosystem Airdrop

  • We will also be airdropping XCAL tokens to the wider Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • 3% of the XCAL Total Supply has been reserved for this airdrop.
  • Details on eligibility will be released in due time.
  • This airdrop will have vesting.
  • There will be some actions to perform on the 3xcalibur platform in order to claim it.
  • More details on this airdrop will be released in due time.


What if I have already contributed?

  • If you have already contributed and did not withdraw, then your contribution will be counted towards the public round, at the new agreed terms.
  • If you would like to contribute more, and are still under the new contribution cap, you are free to do so when the public round starts.
  • For contributing, you’ll be eligible for an airdrop of XCAL. If you withdraw, then you will be excluded from the airdrop.

When will the XCAL Public Round begin?

  • The XCAL Public Round will begin on Tuesday September 6th @ 18:00 UTC.

How long will the XCAL Public Round last?

  • 21 days or until the hard-cap of $1.8M has been reached.

What is the Airdrop Boost?

  • If you had originally contributed to the DCR, then your XCAL token amount will be ‘boosted’ (i.e You will receive more XCAL tokens available to claim at TGE.)

If you have any questions/feedback/ideas - feel free to raise them on any one of our social channels and we will happily engage.

Thank you for reading Insurgent!


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