3xcalibur Roadmap Update

3xcalibur Roadmap Update

XCAL Emissions Boost

  • As you know, every 26 week epoch we have the option of boosting XCAL emissions. As of May 4th, 2023, we can boost emissions and begin a new epoch. This boost will be activated by the end of this week.
  • We have the option to adjust two variables that affect the emissions schedule. The emissions decay controls the rate of global emissions and the boost is a value added to the tail end emissions, which is where we are currently at.
  • Weekly minted emissions have been a static 29,889 XCAL per week for a while now, which is why we have been manually boosting emissions. But the boost changes things significantly. We are estimating base emissions increasing by at least 400% in the first week.

ARB Airdrop Update

  • We are finishing running the script for the ARB Airdrop. The snapshot as already been taken on May 7th.
  • We will post a public Gsheet link in roughly 4 hours. The Gsheet will contain your airdrop amount, and will be available to Claim from the regular rewards page shortly after.
  • Please note the continuation of the airdrop dispersal will be dependent on 1m TVL remaining in those pools.

Boogeyman Prizes

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all participants!

Please DM https://twitter.com/3xcalibur69 to collect your prizes.

Prizes: 1,000 XCAL and 3,000 veXCAL (max locked XCAL) EACH

  • @e9cyl1
  • @2Darkhe_
  • @JohnSmi69178247

Prizes: 1,000 XCAL and 2,000 veXCAL (max locked) EACH

  • @Phorce77
  • @OxFrancesco_
  • @RemilioIntern

3xcaliCredit Dev Updates

  • Upgradeability ✅
  • Credit Position ✅
  • CREDIT Staking ✅
  • LP Farming ✅
  • Alpha Pools ✅
  • Credit Auction ✅

More details will follow in the official 3xcaliCredit Documentation

Our team has been diligently working on building out the protocol, adding new exciting features (hence the delay) and developing a go-to-market strategy that aims to bootstrap the product from launch.

Alpha Pools

  • Our initial borrowing and lending pools/markets, which allow users to pledge ETH for 3 months and receive their share of 10% of the total CREDIT supply in the form of an airdrop.
  • APs will be opened at the same time the auction starts.

More details will follow in a dedicated write up.

Credit Auction & Airdrop

  • Our community will have the opportunity to participate in the $CREDIT token auction.
  • A $CREDIT airdrop will also be distributed to veXCAL holders (only for lockers)
  • The snapshot date to lock XCAL and get veXCAL for the airdrop is May 20th

More details will follow in a dedicated write up.

Credit UI/UX

  • As you may know, 3xcaliCredit is currently going through a complete UI/UX overhaul
  • We are continuously updating the user experience to make it more user-friendly.
  • Our goal is to create a borrowing/lending experience that abstracts away many of the complexities with using a fixed maturity based money market.
  • We are already working with a fantastic and talented UI/UX dev who has worked with some of the biggest protocols in the space.

More details will follow in a dedicated write up.

GTM Strategy

  • Our Go-To-Market will happen in three stages.
  • First, the lootboxes campaign, where our community can participate and win NFTs and $CREDIT token allocation/airdrop.
  • Second, the $CREDIT token auction, where 100,000 CREDIT tokens will be available for auction.
  • Finally, Alpha Pools will be deployed to bootstrap the borrowing/lending ecosystem.

More details will follow in a dedicated write up.

We are excited to launch the CREDIT protocol very soon and offer our community a novel, robust and yet simple and user-friendly borrowing/lending experience. Stay tuned for more upcoming updates.

Upcoming Developments to look forward to

  • Arbitrum Airdrop
  • 3xcaliCredit Incentivized Public Testnet
  • CREDIT Tokenomics 3xplained
  • CREDIT Auction 3xplained
  • CREDIT Airdrop 3xplained
  • Alpha Pools 3xplained
  • 3xcalibur Roadmap Update (Potential Rebrand, Strategy Vaults etc)
  • 3xcaliCredit Documentation

3xcaliSwap V2 and “3xcalibur” Rebrand (Longer term Roadmap)

  • Now, moving on to our product 3xcaliSwap, we're in a suboptimal position where our product is becoming more and more obsolete with each new DEX that launches, with better features and better yields. For the long term survival of the 3xcalibur brand, we have to acknowledge these facts and improve our product all around.
  • Consider it confirmed that 3xcaliSwap V2 is on the roadmap. As 3xcaliCredit was always meant to be the 3xcalibur flagship offering, 3xcaliSwap V2 will be built to complement 3xcaliCredit.
  • This means that at some point within our roadmap (no dates set yet, it will take some time), we will be migrating from 3xcaliSwap V1 to 3xcaliSwap V2. Among other things, we will be moving away from a vote escrow system and moving into a variable staking system. Current locks would then also have the option to pull out early (albeit with penalties).
  • Concentrated liquidity for 3xcaliSwap V2 is a no-brainer and we will be looking at our own in-house implementation, along with the potential for concentrated liquidity for 3xcaliCredit lending and borrowing pools. The emissions schedule would also get a big revamp, taking from all the lessons we have learned from incentive design up to date.
  • We have over 12 months of firepower to continue building, so we will. That said, an 3xcalibur rebrand is also on the cards. The 3xcalibur brand would remain only on the media side (i.e. the 3xcalibur comics, Insurgents game and NFTs) whereas the financial products would be branded differently.
If you have any questions/feedback/ideas - feel free to raise them on any one of our social channels and we will happily engage.

Thank you for reading Insurgent 🫡


The 3xcalibur Protocol is a permissionless, liquidationless, oracleless liquidity marketplace, powered by Tri-AMM architecture to facilitate stableswaps, variable swaps and borrowing/lending.

The Tri-AMM architecture makes 3xcalibur a highly-capable and modular automated market maker.


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