User Dashboard Live!

User Dashboard Live!

Greetings Insurgents!  

We are excited to bring you all our new, Portfolio Dashboard. We appreciate the feedback we received on the community for building out this new feature.

You can get a quick and easy overview of all your positions across 3xcalibur. This feature makes it easier to use the platform and track each of your open positions.

Access the Portfolio Dashboard here:



Track the key metrics for your activity across 3xcalibur. Use this info to manage your open positions and make better-informed decisions on our Dapp.

Total Value Deposited

The Total Value that you have deposited on the Dapp.

LP Value Deposited

The total value of liquidity deposited to pools.

% of XCAL locked

The % of XCAL locked over the circulating supply.

Average APR

Your average Average APR for all of your positions.

Total veNFTs Rewards

Your rewards from locking $XCAL and voting.

Total Pool Rewards

Your rewards for liquidity positions.


On the pools Tab, you can view and manage all of your open LP positions. As well as seeing your total value deposited to the pool, and average LP APR.  


On the vote tab,  you can view your voting power and manage your locked XCAL positions. As well as viewing the total bribes you have earned and the average APR for bribes.


On the rewards tab you can, view all of your rewards (bribes and rewards) and claim them.

Remember, claim the rewards you earned from your votes. Voting is required before claiming. If there were no changes to your voting weight, claiming will recast the same votes.

To start earning rewards, lock XCAL and vote on gauges using your voting power.

Semper Ad Meliora!


The 3xcalibur Protocol is a permissionless, liquidationless, oracleless liquidity marketplace, powered by Tri-AMM architecture to facilitate stableswaps, variable swaps, and borrowing/lending.

The Tri-AMM architecture makes 3xcalibur a highly-capable and modular automated market maker.


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