The world of on-chain autonomous money managers: cutting edge ideas

The world of on-chain autonomous money managers: cutting edge ideas

This blog post serves the purpose of being a short introduction to the content of the actual paper. The actual paper (in PDF format) can be found in the 3six9 Innovatio Documentation.

This is the third in a series of papers about Automated Strategy Vaults.

Find the paper here: Automated Strategy Vaults: Innovative Ideas

Purpose of This Paper

Automated Strategy Vaults perform yield-generating activities allowing investors to take a more passive approach. The more innovative ideas of this sector are built with an omnichain approach and leverage complex financial tools to create easy-to-use products for investors. Some of the projects included in this paper are built on top of existing functioning products, referred to as “blue chips”, to enhance capital efficiency and create marginal innovation. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the house of the most interesting innovations in this space with all of the protocols analyzed below building on top of EVM-compatible chains.

Short Introduction

In the past two installments, yield optimizers and DeFi Option Vaults were the central topics.

Both vault types have proven to be extremely popular products in the DeFi space as they provide relatively high yield whilst taking care of the time-consuming asset management from the user. Protocols like Yearn, BadgerDAO and Ribbon have proven to be reliable platforms continuously working on optimizing their product suite.

That being said, the crypto industry grows and innovates at a rapid pace. New technology like LayerZero’s omni-chain solution gets further developed and builders keep finding ways to create new products and advanced strategies. This is truly what makes the DeFi space one of a kind and one we all follow passionately.

In this paper, we go over four projects that are building an innovative product either tech-wise or strategy-wise. Some of these projects have huge backings, others are built as a hobby. We hope that, again, this paper can serve as inspiration for builders and as an insightful informative piece for investors.

Find the paper here: Automated Strategy Vaults: Innovative Ideas

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