The Holy Grail Quest

369 worthy Insurgents will win a prize. 369 Machina beckons you to participate.

The Holy Grail Quest

🗡Songs will be sung, lore will be told

🗡For the Insurgents of vigor, with the armor gold

🗡Some marched on land and some set sail

🗡In search of the sacred Holy Grail

The prophecy of King Arthur reincarnating in the dystopian city of Neo Camelino has been fulfilled, and the magic of 369 Machina could be sensed in the air.

All those who belong as knights must decipher a riddle crafted by the magic and wisdom of 369 Machina itself.

All winners will be welcomed with a treasure. There will be a total of 369 treasures; amongst them hides the sacred Holy Grail.

You would want to know...

Each treasure chest comes with a bespoke NFT and a range of prizes going all the way to a $3,690 for the rarest: The Holy Grail. Fortune favors the brave. Those who are deserving will pass through and receive the goblet of hope. Those who do not will stay behind, eternally condemned to the frigid land of NGMI.

Do you have what it takes to claim what is rightfully yours?

How To Participate

🆔 |  Authenticate, Tweet, Verify

Follow this link to begin:

  1. Verify your identity by authenticating with discord.
  2. A unique hash will be generated with your Discord handle and you’ll need to tweet it. NB: Make sure your Twitter account is public
  3. Beware of the time, you will have 48h hours to tweet.
  4. Once you tweet your Quest Hash to twitter, wait about 30 seconds for the hash to be registered by the Twitter API
  5. Click on the “Already posted to twitter?” link at the bottom of the screen.
  6. After this a verify button should popup and clicking on that will successfully register you for the search for the Holy Grail.
  7. After you have done this - join the 3xcalibur Discord (
  8. In this Discord you will see the #Verify channel, in the verify channel follow the instruction to verify.
  9. If you are having trouble tag one of the Overseers for them to assist you.

Why are we doing this?

We will be coming out of “stealth” so it is important to:

  1. Build intrigue / awareness
  2. Sustain the “hype”
  3. Retain the community

We decided that one of the best ways to this is to engage our community as much as we can. Not only in the beginning, but perpetually. After The Holy Quest - there is much more fun planned for all worthy Insurgents.

369 worthy Insurgents will win a prize. 369 Machina beckons you to participate.

The Holy Grail and $3,690 (1/1)

The Oathbearer and $369 USDC (9/9)

The Grail Seeker NFT (359/359)

Next Steps

  • Over the next 48 hours we will make many important announcements in the 3xcalibur Discord about what will be going on during the week. More details will be released.
  • Over the next 9 days there will be a lot to learn, a lot of fun to be had, and much more.
  • Below is the rough schedule for the upcoming days

Go To Round Schedule

Duration: 9 days

Key Events: Trailer, HG Quest, AMAs, Spaces, Gather Town Engagement Events, Docs, 3six9 Articles, Discounted Community Round


Day 1 (Monday 22 August 2022):

  • Teaser Video on Twitter (Time: 1500 UTC)
  • Landing Page Deployment (Time: 1500 UTC)
  • Holy Grail Quest registration commences (Time: 1500 UTC)
  • Discord Opens (Time: 1500 UTC)

Day 2 (Tuesday 23 August 2022):

  • Holy Grail Quest registration continues
  • 3six9 AMA #1 On Gather Town (Time: 1800 UTC)

Day 3 (Wednesday 24 August 2022):

  • Holy Grail Quest registration concludes (Time: 1500 UTC)
  • Holy Grail Quest Slot Machine
  • Watch Party in Gather Town (Time: 1900 UTC)

Day 4 (Thursday 25 August 2022):

  • 3six9 Article Release
  • Discounted Community Round Details

Day 5 (Friday 26 August 2022):

  • Documentation Release
  • The 3xcalibur Journey Article Release (Time: 1500 UTC)
  • 3xcalibur Twitter Space AMA (Time: 18:30 UTC)

Day 6 (Saturday 27 August 2022):

  • "Know the Team” Article Release (Time: 1500 UTC)

Day 7 (Sunday 28 August 2022):

  • Discounted Community Round Commencement (Time: 1500 UTC)
  • 3xcaliRave in Gather Town (Time: 1500 UTC)

Day 8 (Monday 29 August 2022):

  • Discounted Community Round continues (unless allocation filled)
  • Twitter Space to talk about the NFTs, SBTs and 3six9 Cognitio (Time: 1800 UTC)

Day 9 (Tuesday 30 August 2022):

  • Chilling

Day 10 (Wednesday 31 August 2022):

  • Discounted Community Round concludes (Time: 1500 UTC) [unless allocation filled]
  • Thank you to the contributors” article (Time: 1800 UTC)

Semper Ad Meliora