Testnet Bounty Update

Testnet Bounty Update

Greetings Insurgents!

This article will cover an update for all of our venerated community members who participated in our testnet cycles.

For the past month, we deployed our testnet on Arbitrum Goerli network and welcomed our community to test the product and give us feedback. This was a huge step in our development lifecycle, and we appreciated all the submissions from the community.

Overall, we were able to listen to user feedback, refine the user experience and fix minor UX/UI issues. We believe that 3xcalibur is in great shape for the launch, and a big thank you to everyone who helped us optimize the product.

Bug Bounties

Throughout each of the various testnet cycles we ran, (luckily) there were no major contract bugs found. This means that the submissions given to us by the community were all cosmetic changes on the frontend, UI/UX optimizations, and some user feedback to streamline the overall user experience.

While we appreciated all of the submissions from our community, some of the submissions were not eligible, as they were not really bugs.

With that being said, previously we mentioned the bug bounty rubric below:

Bounty Matrix:

  • Contract-based bounties will be paid out in $XCAL. Each reported bug will be reviewed by the team on a case-by-case basis. -> None were found
  • For general and UI/UX bugs will be paid out in USDC, 100 USDC max amount per bug.
  • First come first serve for bug payouts.

All of our submissions were UX/UI bugs to be paid out in USDC and with a max cap of 100 USDC.

As such, we decided further to break down the UX/UI submissions into categories to better reward submissions from our users.

  • Low: Usability hurt in an existing feature - 25 USDC
  • Medium: Data (wrong, e.g APY) - 50 USDC
  • High:  Broken feature - 100 USDC

Cycle 1

Public list: https://3six9.notion.site/4def8a5c647a4c7ab854ef21a5535f0d?v=57c42645411440d88abcbd0bd0f63405

Cycle 2

Public list: https://3six9.notion.site/7fe4804cde7445fa937aa02ea639d97b?v=74c7a18b0e24439a9429fefac8df51fa

Cycle 3


Distribution of Bounties

After we post this article, we will send the USDC bounties to the wallets recorded with your submissions within 7 days.

Please make sure that you have given us a wallet address, and if we find any eligible submissions, we will reach out to you for a wallet.

Semper Ad Meliora!


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