Claim Your PFP

Claim Your PFP

Claim your 3xcalibur PFP for active users and rebel with us!

Greeting Insurgents!

To celebrate our first full cycle, we are launching a character PFP for those that have interacted with our Dapp.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • 3six9 Imaginari
  • Character PFPs logistics
  • How to claim your PFP
  • 3xcalibur Lore

3six9 Imaginari

Branding, storytelling, visual identity, and artistic value are all things we are very passionate about, and take very seriously. In order to create the best products, we need to be able to bring all of these elements together.

With this in mind, we scaled up an in-house creative division for 3six9.

3six9 Imaginari, is an autonomous group that is part of the 3six9 collective. They operate under the 3six9 umbrella and work in tandem with the 3xcalibur Core Team when needed. While the 3xcalibur Core Team has been working on our core product, 3six9 Imaginari has been working on creative direction.

The launch of the character PFPs is our first foray into delivering something for our community outside of all the hard work the team did on our branding, UI/UX, and lore.

We are excited to launch this campaign and welcome you further into the world of 3xcalibur and Neo Camelino.

Character PFPs Logistics

Users are able to claim their PFP through our Discord if they have interacted with our Dapp.

You will need to submit your wallet address, and our 369 Machina Bot will check that your address is active on our Dapp since launching.

Once your wallet has been verified as an active user, you will be eligible for your PFP, which will be airdropped to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Claiming your PFP is first come, first serve. We will be facilitating the PFP claims in cycles of 100.

There are only 100 PFPs in this cycle.

We have two variations of characters for cycle one:

Streetkid: Street kids are the heart of the rebellion as they kept art, literature, and freedom of speech alive in dystopia.

Camelina: Camelinas are people who belonged to the ancient civilization when Neo Camelino was Camelot, Arthur’s kingdom.

How to claim your PFP

Step 1.

Navigate to the ‘Claim your PFP’ Category on the Discord side navigation bar. And click on the ‘#claim-your-pfp’ channel.

Step 2.

Click on the ‘create ticket’ and enter your address.

This will open up a private channel with you and the team. We will then check if your wallet is an active user. We define an active user as anyone who has interacted with our contracts.

Step 3.

After confirming that your wallet address is active, we will add your wallet to our eligible list.

PFP Reveal

After each of the PFPs has been claimed, we will airdrop the NFTs to your wallet.

They will be revealed all at once.

The team will announce when the PFPs will be revealed.

The world of 3xclaibur

From the darkness, a light will shine, light so bright that it will illuminate all, one who solves the ancient riddle of 369, will be the savior of all!

3069 years in the future, human civilization had survived extinction with the evolution of technology and the urge for the transcendence of the human mind.

They have harnessed energy through a Dyson sphere from the nearest stars, but it is hardly sustainable. On earth only a few areas were habitable, and among them is the dystopian realm of Neo Camelino.

The realm of Neo Camelino has extremely sophisticated yet enslaving technology, crime-filled streets with rebellion stirring in every corner, hoping for the ancient prophecy of 369 to come true-

From the darkness, a light will shine
Light so bright that it will illuminate all
One who solves the ancient riddle of 369
Will be the savior of all

The futuristic city of Neo Camelino, with oppressive societal control and the illusion of a perfect society, is maintained through corporate, bureaucratic, technological, moral, or totalitarian control.

The legend says that King Arthur ruled these snow-covered lands in the past immemorial, which is reflected in the ancient ruins sprawled across the Land. They are strictly preserved as they conceal the carvings of an ancient riddle that when solved - will lead human civilization to the point of singularity (where technology and the human mind amalgamate completely).

Three heroes are on a journey to solve this ancient riddle of 369 to save humanity from this everlasting dystopia and bring peace to these wretched lands.

The society has divided itself into four factions:

Elites - Ones who rule over Neo Camelino

Technoshamans - Ones who use nature and technology together and are hated by Elites.

Seekers - Super sophisticated AI robots who serve the elites.

Astrays - Citizens who struggle to survive but believe in the prophecy to come true.

Semper Ad Meliora!


The 3xcalibur Protocol is a permissionless, liquidationless, oracleless liquidity marketplace, powered by Tri-AMM architecture to facilitate stableswaps, variable swaps and borrowing/lending.

The Tri-AMM architecture makes 3xcalibur a highly-capable and modular automated market maker.


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