3xcalibur ⚔️ Odos

We are excited to announce our integration with Odos - The optimal DEX aggregator.

3xcalibur ⚔️  Odos

We are excited to announce our integration with Odos - The optimal DEX aggregator.


Odos offers a Smart Order Routing across multiple blockchain protocols, 50+ Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and hundreds of token pairs, delivering ultimate savings to users.

Odos’s Smart Order Routing (SOR) utilizes a unique patented algorithm to search significantly more complex (non-linear) paths through an unlimited set of connector tokens.

Their smart contract optimization ensures these paths can be executed without compromising on gas costs. As a result, Odos is able to find the ultimate path for any swap, delivering significant savings to its users.

Odos Core features:

  • Smart Order Routing - Odos searches hundreds of DEXs and thousands of liquidity pools in order to find the combination of swaps that provide the best rate.
  • Multi Token Input swaps - Odos is the first Dex Aggregator to allow users to swap from multiple tokens into one asset in a single atomic transaction.
  • User experience - Odos visulized the path that your swap takes for an improved DEX aggregation experience.
  • Cross- Chain Arbitrage - Odos arbitrage tracker computes optimal arbitrage for over 30 million paths in real time, allowing its users to monitor and analyze cross-domain Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) opportunities.

3xcalibur ⚔️  Odos

We are excited to be integrated with Odos to allow more Arbitrum users to make more capital-efficient trades by routing through our liquidity pools.  

Odos users on Arbitrum will be considered eligible for our Arbitrum Ecosystem Airdrop.

Stay tuned for more updates on further collaboration between our two communities.

Scaling the Arbitrum Ecosystem

We chose to launch on Arbitrum as their layer 2 tech is some of the most cutting-edge rollups in the space. With Nitro launched Arbitrum offers the perfect opportunity for a new native DEX to help scale the ecosystem.

It is our aim to help other projects and protocols acquire deep liquidity for their token. We are excited to deploy our product and join the flourishing Arbitrum Ecosystem.

If you are a project and interested in partnering with us, just complete this short form and we will contact you ASAP:


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Discord: 🗡禅🗡#0369

Telegram: @xen369

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The 3xcalibur Protocol is a permissionless, liquidationless, oracleless liquidity marketplace, powered by Tri-AMM architecture to facilitate stableswaps, variable swaps and borrowing/lending.

The Tri-AMM architecture makes 3xcalibur a highly-capable and modular automated market maker.


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