3xcalibur ⚔️ Mugen

Greetings Insurgents! We are excited to introduce to you one of our partner projects Mugen Finance.

3xcalibur ⚔️ Mugen

Greetings Insurgents!

We are excited to introduce to you one of our partner projects Mugen Finance.

Mugen Finance

Mugen Finance is a multichain aggregator that uses protocols with sustainable models to generate yield.

Mugen Finance operates as a yield aggregator using a two-token system in order to help individuals gain access to a more diverse set of yields. There are 3 key parts to the protocol. The Mugen and xMugen tokens and the treasury.

You can learn more about the project here.

3xcalibur ⚔️  Mugen

We share a similar philosophy to Mugen and also believe that:

Many projects have strayed away from the original ethos of the space. We want to help guide individuals to understand why it was set up in this way in the first place and to gain the confidence that they can use the tools that move the space back in that direction.

Our core ethos is the resurgence of Open Finance, and we believe that DEXs are the future for allowing anyone to be able to trade assets in a permissionless and non-custodial way. These principles are never more important after the recent events that took place in our industry this past week.

Our partnership will offer the following:

  • Mugen will be one of our partner pools, and we will whitelist $MGN to open a gauge.
  • The pair will be: MGN/ETH
  • Mugen team will migrate initial liquidity to seed the pool.
  • The Mugen Finance team will be bribing the MGN/ETH gauge with $5,000, and we will match that 1:1
  • We have allocated a veNFT for Mugen to obtain voting power and to vote on their pool and direct emissions.

Pool / Gauge Details

  • The MGN/ETH gauge will be open for Cycle 4, starting on Thursday December 1 at 00:00 UTC.

3xcalibur Bribes & Voting

Our pools and gauge/bribing mechanics are perfect for incentivizing deep liquidity for project tokens.

We offer better incentives for LPs, which boosts liquidity for the token and volume follows. In this way, projects can then earn fees generated from the pool.

Scaling the Arbitrum Ecosystem

We chose to launch on Arbitrum as their layer 2 tech is some of the most cutting-edge rollups in the space. With Nitro launched Arbitrum offers the perfect opportunity for a new native DEX to help scale the ecosystem.

It is our aim to help other projects and protocols acquire deep liquidity for their token. We are excited to deploy our product and join the flourishing Arbitrum Ecosystem.

If you are a project and interested in partnering with us, just complete this short form and we will contact you ASAP:


Need more info? Form not working?

If the form is closed use any of the following points of contact



Discord: 🗡禅🗡#0369

Telegram: @xen369

Semper Ad Meliora!


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